O-MC Signal Research is a Vietnam era veteran-owned small business located in Bloomfield, New Jersey. Our core business base includes the design, development, and installation of in-building wireless Distributed Antenna Systems known as (DAS), wireless broadband networks, and testifying as expert witnesses in cell-site placement litigation.

The company was founded in 1988. While our fundamental technical background was communications theory and spread spectrum technology, in our initial five years of business we bid and won Phase I and Phase II SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) contracts in the area of Quantum Cryptography. We were assisted on this contract by professors and graduate students from Columbia University and the Illinois Institute of Technology. Two Masters Degrees and one Ph.D. were awarded from work performed on these contracts. The contract was awarded by the U.S. Navy Space and Naval Warfare Division. We expanded into the telecommunications industry in 1996 when we briefly assisted in the network design for Omnipoint Communication’s GSM network build out of the New York Major Trading Area. Since that time we have been actively engaged in DAS network designs and installations ranging from large apartment buildings to small single dwelling households, and large government complexes.

We have available wireless design engineers skilled in the principles needed to produce in-building DAS networks with a high degree of voice and data fidelity. Additionally, our installation team is intimately familiar with the test equipment used to evaluate the signal quality coming from local wireless carrier’s cell-sites, and all of the specific hardware used in the installation of high quality in-building networks. We provide total turnkey solutions, including detailed network designs, equipment identification and purchasing, and installation. We begin all off-air in-building projects with an evaluation of the available signals from nearby cell-sites using a spectrum analyzer. All cables are calibrated and marked with their VSWR readings prior to installation. The components are then skillfully installed and tested as a network prior to commissioning and handover to our customers.



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